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Executive Mayor

One of the powers and functions of the Executive Mayor are as follows:

  • Delegates specific responsibilities to each member of the Mayoral Committee and delegates and sub-delegates any of the Executive Mayor’s powers
  • Receives and monitors input on the Council’s IDP;
  • Receives recommendations from the members of the Mayoral Committee;
  • Submits the draft IDP to the Municipal Council for adoption and makes recommendations to Council;
  • Receives the Auditor-General’s reports and deals with them in accordance with relevant legislation;
  • Performs all powers, duties and functions conferred in terms of the MFMA;
  • Certifies the annual budget;
  • Reviews the performance of the municipality in order to improve: The economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the municipality; The efficiency of credit control and revenue and debt collection; and The implementation of the municipality’s by-laws.
  • Guides the municipality in exercising its rights and powers over a municipal entity in which it has sole or shared control; Oversees the executive function of the municipality;
  • Oversees the provision of services to communities in the municipality in a sustainable manner;
  • Annually reports on the involvement of communities and community organizations in the affairs of the municipality;
  • Signs resolutions by the Municipal Council approving loan agreements; Receives reports on the alignment of the IDP and the budget from the relevant members of the Mayoral Committee;
  • Receives reports from the relevant member of the Mayoral Committee and makes recommendations to Council where he/she cannot dispose of the matter in terms of his/her delegated powers;
  • Ensures that regard is given to public views and reports on the effect of consultation on the decision of the Council;
  • Makes recommendations to Council regarding: The adoption of estimates of revenue and expenditure, as well as the capital budget, and the imposition of rates and other taxes, levies and duties;
  • The passing of by-laws;
  • The approval of the IDP and any amendments thereto;
  • Recommends to Council the appointment and determination of the conditions of service of the Municipal Manager and managers directly accountable to the Municipal Manager;
  • Deals with any matter referred to the Executive Mayor by the Council;
  • Attends and deals with all matters delegated to the Executive Mayor in terms of the Structures Act and the Systems Act.
  • Appoints a chairperson from the members of the Mayoral committee for any section 80 Committee established by Council to assist the Executive Mayor;
  • Delegates any powers and duties to any section 80 Committee established by Council;
  • Varies or revokes any decision taken by a section 80 Committee, subject to vested rights;
  • Manages the development of the municipality’s performance management system and submits the proposed systems to the Municipal Council for adoption;
  • Evaluates progress against the key performance indicators;
  • Receives reports from Committees of the Municipal Council and forwards these reports together with a recommendation to the Council when the matter cannot be disposed of by the Executive Mayor in terms of the Executive Mayor’s delegated powers;
  • When there is an appeal against a decision taken by the Municipal Manager, the Executive Mayor is the appeal authority;
  • May perform a ceremonial role as the Municipal Council may determine:
    • The following ceremonial duties are hereby determined:-
    • Opening projects, civic functions and events, and new buildings;
    • Hosting and welcoming dignitaries;
    • Advocating municipal policy;
    • Representing the Council at civic events;
    • Leading campaigns initiated by the Executive Mayor;
    • Representing the Municipality during disasters;
    • Acting as a patron of local organizations;
    • Or any other duties of a ceremonial nature
Councillor Dumani Zozo
Executive Mayor Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Contact Number: 047 501 4203

Biography of Councillor Dumani Zozo