KSD Municipality is planning to establish a fully-fledged Geographic Information System (GIS) section. To that end, KSD Council has gave its approval to a Geographic Information System implementation strategy for this project.

The goal is to enhance the way that spatial data is managed since municipality has been utilizing paper maps and hard copy filing to retain records up until recently.

Part of the GIS plans is to serve the entire institution by providing geo information product and services through the development of spatially enabled applications, database, mapping products, analysis, education and technical support.

Moreover, by establishing a shared spatial database, one can reduce data duplication, time spent managing data on separate machines, and cost. A comprehensive geodatabase with restricted access that is centrally located and into which all systems or apps can feed would enable seamless system integration and promote cohesion in the workspace.

On top of that, encouraging GIS use by the institution as whole will create improvement in the working procedures taking cognisance of the institutional needs and business processes.

A fully functional GIS will assist the municipality in:

Lodging an integrated system with shared data such as property management, billing system, asset register and management, cemetery management and fleet management.

Enable corporate systems to eliminate data silos

Optimising information sharing

Improving efficiency in the service delivery through proper planning and informed decision making.

The project is set to be implemented within a period of five years.

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