On Tuesday, 07 March 2023, the King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality held day one of four of its 2023 Strategic Planning Session under the theme ‘Decisive Action to Accelerate Service Delivery’, at Savoy Conference Centre.

The goal of the session was to review the institutional performance, planning, decision making and successful implementation of the municipal programmes and projects. Furthermore, it was to make sure municipal plans are in line with other government development plans. Developing guidelines on new political, legislative government and environment, as well as identifying new initiatives for resource mobilization, which was another important objective.

In her opening remarks, KSD Speaker of Council Cllr Nomamfengu Siyo-Sokhuthu stated that this gathering will afford the municipality an opportunity to look closely into issues that need attention, to check the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats that affect service delivery so that the session can come up with strategies to address such issues, alluding to how electricity has been a major hindrance to local economic empowerment.

His Worship, the Executive Mayor of KSD Municipality, Cllr Nyaniso Nelani mentioned in his address that the Strategic Planning Session is one of the important steps in fulfilling the vision and goal of the municipality that by 2026 the KSD Municipality should become a Metro.

Additionally, that it should be constructed with the aim of being at the level of the city of Kigali in Sudan in terms of cleanliness, beautification and greening. 

The Municipal Manager in his overview reflected on the key socio-economic factors, the demographic factors of the municipality, the state of the municipality so that the planning process can be able to respond to the actual situation that is prevailing.

He also reflected on the current financial status quo of the municipality and the consolidated proposals for the next financial year. On the spatial rationale, he highlighted the specific spaces that the municipality has identified for development, including the Nduli Nature Reserve, Golf Course area and the new Nkululekweni amongst others. He further addressed a wide variety of issues, including infrastructure development, basic service delivery, and development precincts.

He also brought up the issue that gives the municipality a challenge in collecting revenue, making reference to the challenges brought on by illegal connection of electricity, especially in Mthatha West and Mthatha North. However, the municipality has plans in place to deal with this, including revenue recovery strategy, revenue enhancement strategy and revenue projection strategy.

Another pertinent point he made was the need to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the municipality and traditional leaders.

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