Street trading is a sector that contributes largely to the local economic development of King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality. While KSD Municipality encourages this role played by informal trading in terms of job creation and poverty reduction, it is important that the business be conducted within the provisions of the by-law and other applicable pieces of law.

As a result, KSD Municipality has developed a street trading bylaw in order to regulate street trading taking place in KSD towns. The bylaw that has been presented by the Executive Mayor, Cllr Nyaniso Nelani at the Ordinary Council meeting held on April 25, 2023, will enhance the authority of the municipality and bring about order in the area.

The regulations include restricted and prohibited areas for trading, prohibited conduct, prohibited products and services and fines for transgressors.

The bylaw states that no street vendor is allowed to operate at or in a location that has been designated as a location where street vending is either forbidden or limited.

Informal trading at Sutherland and York Road streets is strictly prohibited.

Street vendors must not cause obstruction for vehicular traffic, pedestrians, the entrance and exit of buildings, or any place declared prohibited. Businesses must also not cause nuisance, traffic or health risks.

Drugs and other illegal goods and services are not permitted for sale.

Informal traders must maintain cleanliness and properly dispose of trash.

Any individual who plans to engage in business as an informal trader may apply to the municipality for a permit.

Failure to comply the municipality will enforce the law that may lead to removal and impounding of any property that is regarded as trading illegally or found at a place where informal trading is restricted or prohibited. Additionally, the municipality has the authority to pose fines between R500 and R5,000 for transgression.

The Municipality will conduct public participation in order to solicit inputs from the communities.

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