The KSD Municipality provides domestic ratepayers a 50% discount. The settlement discount complies with the Municipal Council-approved Debt Incentive Policy. The discount is being offered with the intention of encouraging KSD ratepayers to pay for municipal services and fostering a culture of payment among the KSD residences.

Municipal services that are being paid for include property rates and taxes, refuse removal charges, the fire levy and electricity charges.

Only residential homes are eligible for the rebate and commercial properties do not qualify.

In accordance with the Debt Incentive Policy, the debtor must settle the current account to prevent it from increasing. Debtor must not default on the arrangement agreed upon. The debt must have been incurred before June 2022 to be eligible for the offer.

Residents are required to pay the discount within a six-month time frame, starting from August 2023 to the end of January 2024. 

The Municipality is using the 50% discount offer as one of its strategies to enhance cash flow and recover money owed by the residents. Additional steps include hiring a debt collector and enforcing the credit control and debt management strategy. 

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