On August 09, 1956, the women marched against pass laws and the injustices of that era, they showed unity and heroism while marching to the then Prime Minister’s offices to handover a memorandum speaking against the injustices they faced on the daily.

The women of today need to summon the spirit of unity, bravery and heroism that the likes of Lilian Ngoyi and Helen Joseph (to name a few) displayed in 1956, to root out abuse and abusive behaviour in our times.

In that regard the King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality partnered with Madeira Victim Support Centre,  Department of Social Development, Department of Health,  Umtata Women Support Centre,  Department of Justice, Thembelihle, Thembelitsha, Sinawe, F.C.S (Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses Unit), SAPS, K9 Unit, Correctional Service, Allude Production House, Social Change, Faith and Hope and TB&HIV Care together held a ‘Speakout about Gender Based Violence’ awareness at the Northcrest Community Hall.

The purpose of this gathering was to create awareness and equip communities to speak out against abuse and abusive behaviour.

Standing in for the Executive Mayor, MMC for Public Safety, Cllr. Mlamli Marasha in his opening remarks stated that the Municipality frowns against Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) and is making strides to curb all and every crime. “The Municipality established Community Safety and Safety Forum to curb the alarming crime rate in our communities”, he said. He also added that gender stereotypes that are enforced by unequal power dynamics in our communities perpetuate GBVF, and that needs to change.

Stakeholders took turns informing the gathering of the services their respective organizations provide and how they can help you in all stages (reporting, court, psychological, etc).

People were urged to report crimes and abuse because it is your right to report and be attended to by SAPS and all the stakeholders. SAPS also stated that they are carefully equipped to address such serious matters and that people should use their voice and seek out help.

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