KSD Municipality continues to make strides to support and create an enabling environment for local economic growth. Consequently, a number of initiatives were implemented to support small businesses.

Part of those initiatives was the flea market event that was organised at Mthatha Owen Street on November 3, 2023. The event served as a platform for product marketing, sale promotion, information sharing, and networking.

More than sixty (60) small businesses from agriculture, clothes design and creative arts that participated in the event and showcased their products.

More than twenty (30) small businesses from agriculture, clothing design and the creative arts participated in the event and showcased their products.

The initiative is to encourage small-scale businesses by creating a platform to market their products, promote sales, and also a place to network and share information with other role players. Our district is currently contributing 1% to the Growth Development Path (GDP) in terms of agriculture and efforts like this are needed to turn that around.

Concurrently, 48 Mpindweni wool growers under Ward 13 received the shearing shed equipment from the KSD Municipality.

The shearing shed equipment that has been handed over includes shearing boards, a wool scale weighing, 200 kg hanging, a wool sorting table, a piece picking table, wool bins, wool baskets, bale lifting hooks, shearing shed brooms, a single-base mech wool press, 20 comb 88m/Mmh shearing, 20 Cutter AA4, 10 course cloths and 10 fine cloths.

The Woolclip Commercialization aims to promote joint marketing of wool in KSD in partnership with the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform (DRDAR). The program seeks to promote value chains in KSD, and the program has been going on and the equipment has been distributed in various wards.

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