In a bid to enhance traffic management around the city, KSD Municipality has introduced a traffic Ticket collection bus to aggressively deal with lawlessness in our roads.

The bus was launched on Friday, November 9, 2023, with the goals of making sure drivers follow the law and encouraging safer roads for locals and visitors.

Unlike the last one, the current bus is entirely owned by the Municipality. It contains a license plate recognition camera that alerts the operators if a car has an overdue fine, and it is outfitted with a system that only authorized cashiers can access. This technology also enables the extraction of unpaid traffic penalties.

Approximately R1.3 million has been invested in this initiative, which will see the municipality gain revenue from its operations.

The Executive Mayor, Cllr. Nyaniso Nelani, stated in his address that “this is an achievement for us as the municipality as we are working towards being the metropolitan municipality. We are very excited today as we launch this bus that will be starting to work today. The bus that will assist us to reduce the lawlessness that is taking place on our roads and for revenue generation through traffic fines that will be collected.”

He further cited that the decision that was taken by the Council of become a Metro by 2026 is starting to yield fruits as the Municipality is now given a status of being a secondary city which means that we are getting closer to a achieve our vision of being a Metro.

“We have taken huge strides also in addressing crime and promote order in town as we have stablished SIU that will work in a specialised manner to deal with crime. Municipality is also conducting engagement with various stakeholders in working together in fighting crime and as such there are plans to install cameras around the city.” Concluded the mayor.

The municipality is also in process to introduce parking meters to prevent double parking and excessive parking in the city.

The initiative and safety plans gained support and were welcomed by the business fraternity and stakeholders at large.

The bus will operate twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

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