KSD Municipality’s Budget and Treasury Department, led by its Portfolio Head, Cllr. Zukisa Gana, embarked on a drive to assist KSD communities in registering on the KSD indigent database.

The purpose of the outreach, which was held in three urban wards, was to assist ratepayers with their account queries and applications for indigent subsidy.

The subsidy includes 100% rebates on property rates and refuse removal services charges, free basic electricity of 50 kwh units monthly.

To qualify for the Indigent Subsidy, a household must have a combined income of not more than R4360.

Department of Justice, EasyPay and SASSA formed part of the Outreach and the Master of the High Court was also available for all challenges related to deceased estates.

MMC Gana encouraged people to keep their accounts current or make arrangements with the Municipality to avoid the termination of services. He stated that the municipality depends on revenue collection to be able to deliver services to the community. “Revenue is collected through rates, which are determined by the value of the property, tariffs for electricity, refuse collection, and water.” He remarked. 

He added that the Municipality, through its policies, has a provision for pensioners by providing them with a 20% account subsidy; however, to benefit from the subsidy, the account should have been serviced prior to the pension period. The municipality also offers write-offs and debt settlement discounts.

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