Mr Simlindile Nodo
Director Corporate Services

The primary focus of the Directorate of Corporate Services is to provide strategic support to all of the business functions within King Sabata Dalindyebo Municipality.


The priorities of the directorate include: 

  • The effective management of human resources in order to ensure the transformation of skills development, employment equity and performance appraisal. 
  • The effective management of an administration system that is efficient and facilitates decision making and service delivery throughout KSD.
  • The assurance that its support systems, eg. IT, GIS, telecommunications, communications, etc, are used to inform and enable the implementation of the Integrated Development Plan. 
  • To make sure that the institution is on the right side of the law

The directorate includes four divisions 

  • Human Resources Department
  • Legal
  • Information and communication technology   
  • Council support services. 

There are a number of divisions under each department. 

Human Resources Department

This department is responsible for provision of strategic human resources support to all council business functions, people development and to ensure the maintenance of sound labour relations. 


This section is responsible for the legal obligations of the department. It also advise the council on legal relationship.

Information and communication technology

The purpose of this department is to provide telecommunication and information management support to the municipality. This department responsible for the following

  • IT Systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • Electronic communication equipment

Council support services Department

The main purpose of this department is to provide information and support to the municipality. This department responsible for the following: 

  • Mayoral support services
  • Communications and Special programmes


  • Registry
  • Customer Care
  • Facilities Management