Our mayoral  committee is comprised of 9 members. The role of the mayoral committee is to assist and advise the executive mayor

Cllr N.R. Gcingca
MMC: Rural Econimic Development (Ward 02)

Cllr N. Sibeko
MMC – Infrastructure (Ward 13)

Cllr Z. Madyibi
MMC – Planning, Research and IGR

Cllr T. Machaea (Ward Councillor 06)
Cllr T. Machaea

Cllr L.N. Ntlonze
MMC – Corporate Services

Cllr Nyaniso Nelani
Executive Mayor

Cllr E.T. Mapekula (Ward Councillor 08)
MMC – Budget and Treasury (Ward 8 Cllr)

Cllr M.T. Mtirara
MMC – Human Settlement and Disaster